The Trovalet journey began from a simple yet common household frustration–a tangled necklace. I was determined to find a better way to store my favorite accessories. Despite having several smaller jewelry boxes, items were constantly getting lost or tangled. I wanted a solution that was upright, where necklaces could be hung neatly, yet I did not want to add a bulky piece of furniture in my bedroom.

I began exploring the market for products that could integrate into my closet. However, the options were starkly polarized—either exorbitantly priced new closet systems or cheap, flimsy fabric or plastic organizers. Nothing seemed to strike the right balance between functionality, style, and affordability.

The ‘aha’ moment came unexpectedly a few days later while I was cooking. As I reached into the spice cabinet, the simplicity and efficiency of the slim drawer struck me. It was an epiphany—a similar design could revolutionize jewelry organization. A slim, slide-out drawer in a closet wouldn’t just organize jewelry; it would keep it accessible yet discreetly tucked away.

Fueled by this inspiration, I set out to create a product that embodied these principles. The Sparro team, a blend of design enthusiasts and problem-solvers shared a common vision: to develop a jewelry and accessory organizer that was elegant, customizable and space-efficient.

The Trovalet, born from a real-life need and shaped by practical insights, is not just another storage product. It’s a testament to how everyday challenges can lead to innovative solutions.

“I absolutely love the versatility of this product. Its slick yet functional design allows everyone to customize it according to their needs and accessories. Trovalet has not only allowed me to safely store all my jewelry in one place but also showcase them so I can easily get to what I need when I need it. Thank you for such an innovated and functional product!!”

Dayanara L.

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